Using the Fire and Smoke Stickers to Create a Burning Car Effect 5/5 (2)

Car on Fire Effect

Use our fire and smoke stickers to create a burning effect on any photo.


This video demonstration shows you how to make it look as though something within your photo is burning on fire.


This is a very quick demonstration of our fire and smoke stickers that you can use for free to set anything you like on fire in your photo.

As we have done in all the previous demos, we upload a photo and zoom in so that the photo is at its largest. This just makes it easier to edit.

Navigate to the “Stickers” button on the bottom left of the screen and then choose “Fire”.

There are plenty of different fire stickers, find the ones that fit your photo.

Add some smoke and fire in layers, resize, stretch and rotate to fit, try to make it as realistic as possible, unlike in our demo video, sorry!

Black and white photos always seem to look more realistic, the “Grayscale” filter is used in this demo.

You can also use the “Blur” effect to cover any obvious lines (not shown in this demo).

Another available option on all fire and smoke stickers is the opacity level. If the burning effect looks a bit fake, try lowering the opacity, making the sticker more transparent.

Enjoy creating fire and smoke burning effects with your own photos!

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