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Photo to Sketch

Create a sketch of any photo with a couple of clicks using our “face in the hole” style frame effects.


This video demonstrates how to turn any photograph into a realistic artistic sketch using one of our many available frames.


As you can see in the video, it is extremely easy to upload a photo and create the perfect sketch effect using drag, drop and resize.

To start, we find a really good photo, in this case, it is a photo of my son.

Click the “Stickers” button on the left menu and select “Frames”.

As you can see, there are a lot of frames and effects, we choose a sketch frame.

Resize the frame and drag it to the part of the photo you would like to use for the sketch. It can be the entire photo if you wish, in the demo we are demonstrating the “Crop” option, so we use only a part of the photo.

When we have perfected the position of the sketch frame, click the “Basics” option and select “Crop”.

Resize and position the crop box until you reach the edges of the sketch frame and click “Save”.

That is how easy it is to use our frames to turn any photo into a sketch!

Have a go and try all of our 514 “face in the hole” style frames totally free!


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