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Face in Hole Frames

Who would you like to be? Choose from 55 “Face in Hole” style frames to create funny scenarios!


Check out how easy it is to put your face on another body using our People frames. Have fun creating many different scenarios as you wish.


The video below demonstrates 2 different “People” frames with a profile photo (my own face taken years ago) and shows how to rotate, resize, bring to front and send to back using the sliding layer buttons.

In the video demonstration above, we first create a new canvas, 800×600 is fine.

Next we upload our profile photo and resize it if it takes up a large amount of the screen or if, like me, you have a big head.

Next we click the “Stickers” button in the far left menu and choose “People” from the drop down menu.

Choose a Face in Hole template you would like to use and position it to maximum size.

Using the layer menus on the top right, drag the “Sticker” layer above the “Image” layer to bring your profile photo to the front.

Now resize and rotate your profile photo as close as you can to where the face should be. A good method is to line up the ears.

When you have your profile photo lined up to the best you can, switch the “Image” and “Sticker” layers back.

You can now move and resize the frame to perfect your Face in Hole photo.

Use filters, “Grey Scale” to make the photo look more realistic.

Don´t forget to crop your creation (crop around the frame) and click “Save” to download.

Have fun!

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