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Easily Add Lightning to a Photo

Create a realistic stormy lightning effect on any photo using our Lightning Stickers.


One of the hardest things to do as a photographer is to take a photograph of lightning. Knowing where and when lightning strikes is always a guess, photographing it is almost impossible, unless you are using a top of the range camera or you are just really good at photography!

With our lightning stickers, you can add realistic lightning effects on any photo using resize and move. You no longer need to be a top photographer to produce that amazing lightning photo!


In the video below we show you how easy it is to create a realistic photo of a lightning storm above London Bridge.

First we upload our photo. In this demo we use photo of London Bridge.

Navigate to the “Stickers” icon in the far left menu and select “Lightning” from the drop down options.

You will find 7 different styles of lightning. (More will be added over time).

In the video we show you a couple of the lightning effects before finding the one we want to use.

Position the lightning sticker until it looks like part of the photo, using drag and resize.

Simply click “Save” and admire your photography skills!

You can create this effect in under 20 seconds, it is extremely basic but has some fantastic results.

You can also use the “Greyscale” filter (as show in the video) to create a more realistic effect, however, even without the Greyscale option, the lightning effects still look realistic.


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