Create Fake Magazine Covers with your Photo 5/5 (4)

Fake Magazine Cover Maker

Ever wanted to see your face on a magazine cover? Our fake magazine frames and filters allow you to create authentic looking magazine covers easily!


In this video guide, we show you how to turn any photo into an authentic but fake magazine cover. Choose from our large selection of 184 fake magazine covers and become a star on the front cover of a magazine!


As you can see from the video below, the selection of magazine covers is huge and it is very easy to crop, resize, add a filter and download your fake magazine cover. You will appear to be a celebrity to your friends, until they find out about our website!

In this demonstration video, we take a random photo of a person, this one is taken from Pixabay so we are safe with any copyright issues 😉

Upload the photo and crop it to a magazine size, basically as close to as possible.

We click the “Stickers” icon in the far left menu followed by “Magazines” in the drop down menu, thus revealing our collection of 184 fake magazine covers.

First of all we take a look at some of the magazines and show you how to resize the magazine to fit your photo.

To make the fake magazine look authentic and as far away from the original photo as possible, we apply filters. In this demo we use the “Grayscale” filter.

As you can see, when you use a filter, it changes the entire photo to that of the filter, remember to apply the filter first before the magazine cover, I forgot as you can see in the demo video.

Ok, filter applied, we then add and resize our chosen magazine cover to fit our photo and click “Save” to download our creation (after deleting the mistake!).

Have fun creating as many fake magazine covers as you like! Our selection of 184 covers should be enough to let you create exactly what you want!

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