Adding Haunting Images and Ghosts to your Photos 5/5 (1)

Add Ghosts to Photos

Adding haunting ghostly figures to a photo of a room. You can use this to prank your friends, especially good at Halloween!


This video demonstrates how we can add ghostly figures to any photo. We take a photo of an empty room. Add a haunting girl ghost, a ghostly figure of a woman sitting on the stairs and a devil like face in what looks like a window or photo frame.


As you can see by the video, we can rotate, resize and change the opacity of each ghost sticker for a more realistic photo manipulation.



First we upload our photo and zoom in to maximise our screen size for editing.

We then select “Stickers” from the left far side menu followed by “Horror”.

You will find 60 various horror stickers and ghosts with transparency for a more haunting effect.

In the video, we choose 3 different stickers, a girl standing in a dressing gown, a woman in a sitting position and a scary face.

We place the girl at the back of the room, resize and change the opacity.

We place the sitting woman onto the stairs, resize and rotate slightly to maximise the effect of her sitting on the stairs.

To finalise, we add a scary face to what looks like a window of photo frame, resize, rotate and change opacity to maximise the effect.

As you can see from the video, it is really easy to spook your friends on Halloween or simply create ghostly creations from your photos.

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