Adding Animal Stickers to a Photo 5/5 (1)

Polar Bear in the Desert

Here we use some of the available animal stickers to do things like putting a polar bear in the desert!


In our stickers section you will find some realistic animal effects. Add animals to your photos easily.


The video below demonstrates how we can put a polar bear, dog, cat and some other animals that shouldn´t be there and photobomb it with a crow! We use “Greyscale” and blur filters to make what shouldn´t look realistic at all, slightly realistic!

In the video, we upload a background (exact same way we do uploading any photo) and select “Stickers” and sub menu “Animals”.

Adding animals to our background is done in the exact same way as adding any of our stickers to an image.

We use the resize, rotate and drag functions to place our animals onto the background.

When finished, to make it look more authentic (polar bear in the desert), add the “Grayscale” filter followed by the “Blur” filter.

Click save and download your image.

See if you can get any more unrealistic scenarios other than a polar bear in the desert!

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