Add Face Stickers to a Photo – Eyes, Mouth, Glasses and a Hat! 5/5 (1)

Before and After Profile

How to add eyes, mouth, glasses and a hat to a profile photo.


Ok the demo below is just a little bit of fun and not exactly brilliant but gives you a general idea of what can be done easily with our face stickers.

First we upload our photo ready for facial manipulation and adjust the view to suit our editing requirements.

We then select “Stickers” from the far right menu followed by “Face” in the category menu.

Choosing from 440 various facial sticker effects, we start with the eyes, move to position and resize to fit.

We then choose a pair of glasses, bright pink in this demo, resize and move to fit.

Next we choose a mouth, bright pink lips and slightly large teeth, again, resize, move to fit.

To top things off here, we select “Clothing” and add a hat.

We try to make this look realistic by selecting “Greyscale” and “Sepia” filters but as you can see, we used cartoon type stickers at the beginning and only the eyes look slightly realistic.

You can, however, see that in just over 2 minutes, we have manipulated someones face with over makeup´d eyes, rubbish pink glasses, lips that “no-one would die for” and a silly hat.

Have fun!

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